2019 industry predictions by local winemakers

As we reach the end of January, we start to look ahead at the rest of 2019. Curious to see what the wine industry will bring to the table this year, we asked three local winemakers for their 2019 industry predictions…

From merges to a higher demand for high quality wines to the emerging of new wine purchasers – this is what winemakers are expecting to see in 2019.

2019 Industry Predictions: Pieter Ferreira, Graham Beck

The wine industry is currently having a hard time in all of its divisions. I think during 2019 we will see far more collaborations, some sort of consolidations, and even merges. In our own valley we recently witnessed the merging of Bonnievale Cellar and Wandsbeck Cellar. This has resulted in one of the biggest wine producers in the Cape. The ever-changing production and marketing conditions sometimes force one to adopt different strategies. The goal above all this year is to encompass producer sustainability and profitability. Furthermore, wineries will need to ensure product supply and extension, as well as provide long-term market security and growth for the future.

Pieter “Bubbles” Ferreira, winemaker for Graham Beck

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2019 Industry Predictions: Jacie Oosthuizen, Lord’s Wines

Consumers aren’t just looking for the cheapest bottle anymore, but for taste and quality. They would rather spend R200 on a good bottle of wine for a special occasion than R50 on a new bottle every night of the week. South African wines have been gaining more international recognition. As a result, locals are discovering the quality of our own wines. Even in the export market numbers are decreasing, but the value is increasing, according to Wines of South Africa (WOSA). This will change the wine landscape for the better. We will be held in higher regard abroad, which will be to the benefit of everyone.

Jacie Oosthuizen, winemaker and owner at Lord’s Wines

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2019 Industry Predictions: Philip Viljoen, Bon Courage

A more diverse group of purchasers will start acquiring grapes, juice, and wine in our valley. This is because wine producers are turning away from traditional purchasers. Traditional purchasers will still secure a major percentage of the litres they acquired in the past, but more producers will sell grapes, juice, or wine directly to private buyers or cellars. This has already started! Private cellars from other regions are buying wine from our farmers, thus supplying in the high demand for wine. Some healthy competition will develop as a result and impact the wine industry positively. For now, we can drink a toast, knowing that we will be reaping the fruits of our labour during the upcoming seasons.

Philip Viljoen, winemaker at Bon Courage, shares his 2019 industry predictions

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What are you expecting from the wine industry in 2019? Local winemakers shared their 2019 industry predictions, now we want to hear what your predictions are! Share it with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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