Estate motto

To make artisanal wines that reflects our unique terroir.

quando vineyards & winery


Meet the Winemaker

Raised on a wine farm, it’s easy to imagine that Fanus Bruwer have always loved wine. But it was a New Zealand wine, Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc that first stopped the winemaker in his tracks.

Since then, the greatest wine he has taste was Fairhall Downs Sauvignon Blanc – also from New Zealand’s Marlborough Valley. “It was an extremely distinct wine, nothing that have ever been replicated anywhere else from what I’ve tasted,” he recalls.

Fanus aims to produce wine with character, elegance, and balance – the three things that he looks for in a great wine – the powerful ingredients to his award-winning recipe.


About the Winery

The Bruwer family have been living and working as wine growers and farmers on Quando for three generations. But in 2001 the family’s love for wine drove them to open their own boutique winery too. Since then, they have been invested in making artisanal wines that reflect the farm’s terroir.

The land is situating on an old receding meander in the Breede River that was previously exposed to erosion. Today, these deep alluvial soils are perfect to grow Sauvignon Blanc in.

The team at Quando works hard to use minimal intervention while creating honest wines that are reflective of both the terroir and the vintage.