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The soul of Robertson.

esona boutique wine

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Meet the Winemaker

It was the Arendsig Inspiration Grenache that convinced Rowan Beattie to enter the wine industry. Since then, Rowan has learned plenty of lessons, including the importance of education and learning from your own mistakes.

It also taught him to me more outgoing, his biggest reward for joining the wine industry. “Growing up my personality has always been that of an introvert. Since the inception of Esona I have become an extrovert. It changed me completely – for the good.”

Rowan believes that a good wine has a lingering taste, aroma, and is medium light-bodied, something he hopes to achieve in all the wines he produces.


About the Winery

Rowan and Caryl Beattie fell in love with the small holding between Robertson and Bonnievale – the perfect spot to relax and admire the region’s tranquillity. But before long the couple found themselves planting vines and laying vineyards.

Since Esona’s inception in 2009 Rowan, along with Charmain Arendse and her mentor Lourens van der Westhuizen have built a label known for its medium light-bodied wines with a lingering taste and aroma.

The team makes the most of the terroir – from the rocky soil that Shiraz and Chardonnay flourish in to the sandy soil of Chenin and Sauvignong Blanc – to create award-winning wines.