Thorne and Daughters Copper Pot Pinot Noir


This wine shows aromas of dark red fruits and dried naartjie zest, with underlying herbal and cinnamon bark tones. In the mouth it is richly balanced showing good acidity and fine tannins, these being balanced out by generous red fruit and citrus. The finish is satisfyingly dry with a touch of spice and earthiness.

The winemaking is as minimal as possible. All the ferments take place using wild yeasts, and no additives are used (barring some SO2 at crush and during maturation). 60-80% of whole clusters are used in the fermentation to bring a natural structure and savoriness to the wines. Extraction is kept very gentle using a combination of pump-overs and punch-downs, and the time on skins is relatively limited to about 18 days overall.

The wines are matured for 9 months in a mix of older small French oak barrels to avoid a dominant oak character, and round out their structure before blending and bottling.

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