Estate motto

The home of Shiraz is where Shiraz is home.



Meet the Winemaker

Winemaker Jacques Cilliers believes that all great wines have a ripe, smooth, supple palate that carries the fruit well, making you eager to take the next sip. This is exactly what he strives to achieve in every bottle.

While the admin involved in his job sometimes gets him down, he loves sharing what he produced with everyone, from strangers to his best friends. Jacques loves every aspect of making wine, from planting vines to harvesting, filling new barrels to serving it, to hearing customers say yum.

While doing what he loves so much, Jacques has learned some important lessons. “Learn every minute of every day, month, season, and year,” he shares.


About the Winery

Known for a long time as the “House of Shiraz”, Zandvliet was owned by the De Wet family from 1867 until 2015, when ANB Investments bought the estate.

ANB has since built on the legacy left by the De Wet family, who farmed the land for four generations.

Making the most of the calcareous Karoo soil – ground with a red clay underlay, dotted with pockets of chalky limestone – Zandvliet has become known for creating classical wines from kalkveld vines.

With firm acidity, concentrated flavours and mineral traces delicately managed from vineyard to cellar, Zandvliet has garnered recognition from local as well as international reviewers, including Tim Atkin.