Estate motto

The best or nothing.

Sumsaré family wines


Meet the Owner

Sumsaré owner, Johannes Erasmus fell in love with wine when he had his first sip of sparkling wine as a three-year-old.

Since then, his favourite wine was the Sumsaré Sauvignon Blanc 2012, pre-filter. “It was my first wine I made and came out very fruity with perfect acidity and green tones to balance it,” he recalls.

To Johannes the most rewarding part of making wine is to understand the effort and hard work that went into every sip of wine you take.

Johannes describes Sumsaré’s winemaking style as one with minimal additives and maximum balance; he strives to deliver a wine with a strong flavour, mouthfeel, and longevity.

About the Winery

While the winery was only established in recent years, Sumsaré has been in the Erasmus family for seven generations. When the family reached their bicentennial on the land in 2010, they decided to start releasing wine under their own label.

The reliable Sumsaré team aims to create the best possible balanced wines from the best grapes produced on their farm, a true portrayal of their motto, the best or nothing.

The winery takes its name from the family name Erasmus spelled backward. By making the most of its diverse soil and the region’s intense summers and winters, the cellar offers an exclusive variety of hand-crafted wines.