Estate motto

Made on honour.

Springfield estate


Meet the Owners

Winemaker Abrie Bruwer is the fourth generation from his family to grow vineyards on Springfield.

Abrie and his sister, Jeanette, are the ninth-generation descendants of French Huguenots who arrived in South Africa from the Loire Valley in France in 1688. Abrie and Jeanette are willing to do whatever it takes to continue their family legacy – making wine.

Along with a dedicated team, viticulturist and winemaker Abrie takes care of the vineyards and creates the wines. Jeanette takes charge of the local and international marketing of their wines, while also getting her hands dirty on the farm.

About the Winery

Springfield was purchased by the Bruwer family in 1902. By 1930, the family started to produce wine on the farm, selling it to Negociants. But by 1995, the family decided to start their own label and so, Springfield Estate was born.

Springfield produces exclusive wines through a combination of slightly risky winemaking techniques, traditional methods, and the latest technology. This includes the Special Cuvee, produced from the oldest vineyard on the farm – a Sauvignon Blanc planted in 1993.

Investing their hearts and lives into the soil where they were raised the family makes wine on honour.