Estate motto

To produce a product that is competitive both locally and overseas.

Roodezandt wines


Meet the Winemaker

Cellar Master Christie credits his family, especially his parents, with sharing the world of wine with him from childhood. “I grew up with wine at the table for supper,” he explains. Yet, it was a 1981 Le Grand Deluge Noble Late Harvest that got him truly serious about wine. Since then, his favourite wine was an ice wine from a cellar near Niagara Falls.

He loves seeing that a buyer is satisfied with the wine he has made, but more than that he enjoys seeing Mother Nature at her best during the fermentation process.

Because each vintage has a learning curve, he always works to further grow his skills.


About the Winery

Since opening its doors in 1953, Roodezandt Winery has been working hard to produce a product that is competitive both locally and internationally. It wasn’t until the early ‘70s though that the winery started distributing wines under the Roodezandt Label.

Today, Roodezandt Winery – a co-op – has 49 members situated in the Robertson region, which means that a wide variety of grapes grown in different soil and climates goes into each bottle of Roodezandt wine. This, as well as the expert skills of the winemaking team, results in quality wines produced with modern technology and machinery each year.