Estate motto

Top quality wine, loved, shared and discussed by wine lovers all over the world.


Meet the Winemaker

Christiaan van Tonder’s greatest purpose is creating wine that people can enjoy.

As with most winemakers, he says the long hours of work during the harvesting season is the hardest part of his job. But walking through the cellar while the wine is fermenting, picking up the fruity scents, and seeing people enjoy his creation make it all worthwhile.

“You cannot make good wine with bad grapes, but you can make bad wine with good grapes,” he says. But as challenging as this can be, Christiaan wouldn’t want a life without wine. “Life without wine would be like a braai without wood.”



About the Winery

Goedverwacht Family Wines has been in the Du Toit family since 1960, making Gawie du Toit the third generation of the family to live and work on the farm.

The family started bottling and exporting wine under their own label in 1989. Today, Gawie and his father, Jan, export their wines to ten different countries – a result of their hard work and perseverance over the course of the past three decades.

Together with winemaker Christiaan van Tonder, the Du Toits aim to produce wine of the highest quality to be appreciated, share, and discussed by wine lovers around the globe.