Testalonga El Bandito Lords of Dogtown 2021


Note from Craig: “Our farm, Bandits Kloof, is now a blank canvas and can be quite a demanding place at times. It’s definitely a challenge in a positive way but is a bit “rough” at the moment. We have friendly nicknamed it “Dog town” as the animals (baboons, donkeys, cattle, dogs) are or seem to want to be in charge. The photo was taken by Carla on one of our walks, and the donkeys and cattle all seemed to be posing for the camera as if it was a photo shoot. The owner of the vineyard Carl Malherbe has 2ha of vineyard which when he bought the farm was abandoned, we worked together and are in the process of getting the 2 blocks back into production, Carl being a cattle auctioneer always jokingly asks when I’m going to put an Nguni on the label, so the photo just fitted. This wine is exclusively for Japan and RSA as only 300 bottles were made.

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