Sumsaré 5 Year Potstill Brandy


This brandy takes it’s soul from the wine it was distilled from. Made from flavourful, hand harvested grapes that grows in the Robertson Valley.

Potstill distillation turned the wine into a flavourful spirit. In the cellar where time does not hurry and angels take their share for working their magic in the oak barrels, maturation takes place that adds colour and complexity to yield a distinguished brandy.

Enjoy this handcrafted limited release Brandy. Proudly crafted, matured and blended in Robertson, South Africa by the Erasmus Family.

Nose: Opens up with a floral bouquet, with whiffs of potpourri. Matures into hints of marzipan, rum and raisin, citrus fruit and toasted coconut.
Taste: Dried Apricots, strong citrus – orange. Subtle spices, white pepper, hiding behind hints of vanilla.
Finish: Smooth. So smooth with lingering fruit and soft spices. Smooth way beyond its 5 year term behind oak bars.

La Verne Wine Boutique