Kranskop Beekeeper’s Block ‘Shiraz’ 2019


“At Kranskop, we believe in working as closely as possible with Mother Nature. The Indigenous South African Fynbos plants that grow on our estate has given us the opportunity to change our approach towards the environment and how we impact it through our wine making process. This special type of vegetation attracts a lot of bees to the farm, particularly to the Shiraz block that borders the Kranskop hill. The bees work tirelessly in the Fynbos surrounding the vineyard and in the off season turn their attention to the vines. This process makes The Beekeeper’s Block so special and the wine itself promotes sustainability and a modern approach to wine making as a whole. We aim to return all the favours to Mother Nature just as gracefully as it has been given to us. “

La Verne Wine Boutique