Franzelle’s Personal Selection | 6 Bottles


The La Verne Staff Favourites! 🍷🌟

Introducing our exciting new series where the La Verne Staff shares their favourite wines with YOU!

One word to describe Franzelle’s wine selection: Moreish – “so pleasant to consume that one wants more”.

Having managed La Verne since 2018, Franzelle has taught and inspired the staff to continuously learn about wine, to always be able to personally attend to customers’ wine needs.

Franzelle resembles her wine selection beautifully. Her wine knowledge is of a personal and admiring nature, so much so that when talking about wine, she always leaves you wanting to know more.

This selection includes:

1 x Testalonga I Wish I was a Ninja
1 x Thorne & Daughters Copper Pot Pinot Noir
1 x Roodekrantz Rhenosterbosrug Chenin Blanc
1 x Die Posman Grenache Blanc
1 x Bosman Grenache Noir
1 x Thorne & Daughters ‘Menagerie’ Pinotage

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