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Arabella Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

To drink with Kings and yet not lose the common touch. Brimming with abundant blackcurrant aromas, this full-bodied wine is a mouthful of juicy plum fla 


Arabella Merlot 2017

A special wine to enjoy with friends on harmoniuos occassions. Succulent flavours of ripe plum and blackcurrant, enhanced by hints of coffee and chocolate. Soft tannins lend 


Arabella Pinotage 2016

Inviting aromas redolent of mocha & chocolate with elegant flavours of prunes, bananas & blueberries finishing with spicy undertones on the palate. 


Arabella Shiraz 2016

Deep burgandy red in colour with inviting aromas of vanilla and mocha. The palate rewards with lingering flavours of liquorice and ripe black cherries, supported by soft spic 


Bon Cap The Ruins Pinotage 2014

Mulberry jam, smoky overlay, crisp acidity hit right drinkability notes. 

R50.00 R33.33 You Save: R16.67

Bushmanspad Grand Merlot Reserve 2015

Heavier style Merlot 


Cloverfield Shamrock Red NV

SILVER MICHELANGELO AWARD 2013. Full of ripe fruit flavours with a hint of pepper &  beautiful aroma of herbs. A blend of Petit Verdot / Merlot / Shiraz. 

R70.00 R61.00 You Save: R9.00

Du Von Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Bronze Veritas Awards 2017 We are proud to say that we bottled our fruity and crisp Sauvignon Blanc. All our grapes are selected and harvested by hand to ensure optimal ripeness and flavours. 

R60.00 R50.00 You Save: R10.00

Goedverwacht Great Expectation Triangle 2016

BRONZE VERITAS AWARD 2015 This wine is a typical Bordeaux blend, with power of the Cabernet Sauvignon and the elegance of the Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The Cigar box and blackberry flavour are very prominent. The subtle oaking adds complexity and struct 

R75.00 R62.50 You Save: R12.50

Graham Beck Gorgeous Sparkling NV

This exquisite sparkling rose delights with a palate of raspberry cream, juicy strawberries and nuances of spiced peach and delicate cherry blossom. Chardonnay/Pinot Noir blend. 

R135.00 R112.50 You Save: R22.50

Houtbaai Farms Solara MCC Brut

R99.00 R90.00 You Save: R9.00

Kranskop Chenin Blanc 2017

R65.00 R60.00 You Save: R5.00

Kranskop Shiraz 2014

Fruity, spicy oak on the nose and palate, with soft ripe tannins and a lingering finish. 

R80.00 R75.00 You Save: R5.00

Lord's Shiraz 2015

SILVER VERITAS AWARD 2016 Distinctive pepper tones with underlying berry & liquorice flavours, balanced with detectable but fine tannins.  A sheer dining delight! 

R110.00 R99.00 You Save: R11.00

Rietvallei John B Rosé 2016

SILVER MICHELANGELO AWARD 2016 This rose is made from 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot. The wine has a lovely floral bouquet expressing a mixture of berry-fruit flavours which carries through to the palate leaving a long-lasting aftert 

R46.00 R40.00 You Save: R6.00

Robertson Retreat Sauvignon Blanc 2013

BRONZE VERITAS AWARD 2015 This wine has ripe granadilla, pineapple, green apple and melon, with a touch of flintiness. 

R88.00 R70.50 You Save: R17.50

Roodezandt Chenin Blanc 2017

Bronze Veritas Awards 2017 Tropical Fruit with a Fruity Aftertaste 

R47.00 R35.00 You Save: R12.00

Vierkoppen Pinotage 2013

Limited Stock A full bodied Pinotage with that distinctive, but soft, smokey pinotage bouquet, well integrated tannins, vanilla ,coffee and juicy bramble flavours on the palate. 

R120.00 R95.00 You Save: R25.00

Weltevrede CherryChoc Merlot 2017

BRONZE VERITAS AWARD 2014 We call this a wine of striking simplicity, as it captures that one characteristic thousands of wines try to convey in subtle ways on minutely printed over-saturated back labels. We got rid of the clutter, simply took the one ke 

R70.00 R58.33 You Save: R11.67

Weltevrede Tropico Sauvignon Blanc 2016/2017

The colour is a pale yellow with a slight green tinge. On the nose you get prominent notes of guava and passion fruit. Lovely mouthfeel with flavours of passion fruit, guava and pineapple with a crisp, clean finish. 

R60.00 R40.00 You Save: R20.00

Weltevrede Vanilla Chardonnay 2017

"Some taste vanilla. Some get hints of butterscotch or English toffee.  Some call it creme brulee, honey, coconut or creme caramel.  Others smell tropical flavours of pineapple, passionfruit or peach." Lightly oaked grapes from Karoo limestone terroir mak 

R60.00 R50.00 You Save: R10.00

Windfall Sauvignon Blanc 2017

A nose of freshly cut grass, greenpepper, green peas and nettle, and mineral, flinty flavours in the mouth with a mouth-watering limey finish. 

R80.00 R53.33 You Save: R26.67

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